Subject:memories of Alert Bay 1917-1919
Author:  J Michael Milling  (
Date: 2/28/2012 11:05
My Mom, Maragaret Milling, nee Edwards, taufght at the native boarding school-approximate dates 1917-1919, She had just finished hich school in Victoria, was at the top of her class, and wanted to broaden her vistas. Mom was always an independent woman and chose Alert Bay as she had a deep interest in the native peoples.

She loved her two years there and must have been an OK person as she attended potlatches when the gov't agent left. She remembered seeing the dock lined with sewing machines, bags of flour, baskets, and other gifts. She also remembered the dances. She always respected and admired the native peoples.

I am now 81 and am determined to visit your area. I don't know the exact dates but hope it will be within one year.


Mike Milling
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 memories of Alert Bay 1917-1919 J Michael Milling2/28/2012 11:05
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